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2 Wheeled Robot / Turtle
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Over a few hours on a leisurely sunny Saturday afternoon I prototyped a 2 wheeled robot that I had been thinking about for some time.

It's hard to find information about this particular kind of 2 wheeled robot, most of the literature is about self-balancing robots where the center of gravity is above the axel.

Here we have the center of gravity below the axle.

It's kind of cute, a big hit with the kids.

Would love to get the opportunity to further enhance the hardware and software for smarter motion.


Arduino, Quad AA Battery Holder, 4 AA Bateries, Battery Snap with Barrel Connector, 2 x 28BYJ-48 stepper motors, 2 x ULN2003 driver boards, Hook Up Wires, Cable Ties, 2 x Lego Technic Gear 24 Tooth, 8 x Lego Technic Axle Pin with Friction, 4 x Lego Technic Bush 1/2 Smooth, 2 x CD-ROM (Patent Pending)

2 Wheeled Robot Video
Robot guts
Another angle
Wiring from stepper motor driver boards to digital pins on Arduino
Hacking Lego Gears to use as motor couplers!
Respect to Arduino!
Nice choice with the US Robotics CD!
Maker Faire Rome 2013
◀ Team OKAVO ▲ Electromechanics Kinematic Cube ▶