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Wire Wrapping
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I just got myself an "OK Industries WSU-30M" wire wrap tool with some Kynar wire.

I'm just about OK with soldering but I don't enjoy it to much. The equipment required, the mess and the fumes.

I learnt about wire wrapping and wanted to try it out, which I have and my first impressions were great.

The hardest part was trying to get hold of a wire wrap tool. Theres no Radio Shack in Athens and the downtown electronics store did not stock them. Also, I wanted one manufactured by "OK Industries" because it looks the part.

I'll have to change my workflow and think in a slightly different way to classic strip board component soldering and building.

Wire Wrap Tool
Wire Wrap Tool standing straight up balanced
Kynar Wire
Wire Wrapped LED
Wire Wrapped LED Close Up
◀ Intel Galileo ▲ Misc