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Zombie Dice Clone
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A child friendly clone of the popular Zombie Dice game created by Steve Jackson Games.

Here we use Princess, Mario & Gorilla instead of the Brain, Feet and Shotgun of the original.

6 green dice have 3 Princesses, 1 Gorilla and 2

4 yellow dice have 2 of each

3 red dice have 1 Princess, 3 Gorillas and 2 Mario's

13 dice Princess, Mario & Gorilla Zombie Dice Clone
Princess sprite sheet
Mario sprite sheet
Gorilla sprite sheet
Lots of dice and cubes!
Power on and ready to laminate!
Icons printed and laminated and ready to be cut with a pair of scissors
Laminated icons cut out
Using all-purpose glue to stick laminated icons to die
A completed green cube
3 red dice, 4 yellow dice and 6 green dice all done!
Dice drying up in the sun
Kids decided to make their own version with more characters!
Zombie Dice at Wikipedia
Original idea for Donkey-Kong-Dice version from Board Game Geek
▲ Board Games